What is a Digi.me Personal Data Vault?

The digi.me Personal Data Vault is how we can safely, securely, and privately store copies of your medical records.

With decades of experience behind them, our security experts have created a multi-layered approach to our platform's security.

We use Microsoft Azure in the Netherlands as a tier one cloud provider as this is designed to safeguard cloud environments at scale.

Alongside that, our infrastructure combines advanced automated infrastructure management with strict role separation, robust security measures including firewalls, TLS connections, and encryption, and regular penetration testing to ensure a highly secure and controlled cloud environment.

Our cloud compute architecture is designed for user privacy, operating in a stateless manner that doesn't store personal data or keys, and only accesses data with user or authorised app consent, enhancing security and data protection.

Your data is securely stored in encrypted containers, accessible only through unique tokens and keys issued per application, ensuring data is only retrieved when you are present and remains protected throughout the process.

Your records are protected during import too. Our platform ensures data integrity from provider to application through secure TLS connections and robust cryptography, preventing tampering and allowing updates only from the source.