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“Once data is all in one place it is then possible to search across all posts and content from the networks within…and to exchange it with businesses for personalised benefits and services.”

Import and view data from across your life

  Download and select a personal cloud to store your encrypted data (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) 

  Connect to over 15,000 accounts and enter credentials

  Watch your social, financial, health, entertainment and wearables data stream in instantly organises your data and makes it easy to search and browse

Import and view data from across your life
Download apps designed to use your data privately

Download apps designed to use your data privately helps you unlock the power of your data by private sharing with apps and businesses that respect your data

  Discover apps that make it easy and secure to share data from your library

  Apps make clear which data they intend to use and their proposed terms of use with a standardised “Consent Access” screen

  Data is shared directly between apps, and does not even have to leave your device

New rules built around you’s architecture ensures we cannot touch, see or hold your data 

  We are recognised leaders in privacy by design and help other companies comply with GDPR privacy rules

  Bank and military grade security – you have the only key to your

  Only you decide whether to share data with apps for benefits and personal insights

New rules built around you

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