How do we protect your data and privacy?

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We don't see, touch or hold your data

Be confident to share more data

When you give consent for access to your personal data using  everything is transparent. Who you give consent to, which data, for what time period and for what purpose

Data is encrypted throughout the platform, and is only accessible when consent has been granted

The data is encrypted with a set of keys and ciphers equal to those of banks and the military

Only you can view or share your data

Only you and the company that you give permission to access your data

Data can only be viewed and accessed when you are logged in and give explicit permission

All data operations happen within a temporary virtual personal cloud (for syncing) that terminates when done

We never see or store your password - so don't lose it or you'll have to start over!

Only you can view or share your data
A new generation of apps that respect your privacy

A new generation of apps that respect your privacy

The private exchange of personal data between an app provider and the recipient should always be open and transparent

Consent practices instil trust and transparency, create better user experiences and a safer way to share personal data

The consent screen clearly explains what data will be used, for what purpose, and whether a copy will be stored

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How works to protect personal data within apps and services: