digi.me is a commitment from
World Data Exchange to uphold data control and privacy as fundamental rights.

We are dedicated to revolutionising the world through ethical data sharing centred on individual control. Our goal is to build a secure and transparent digital foundation for both individuals and the economy.

Our focus is empowering people to access and use their data from various sources, enhancing their privacy and security. This approach also benefits developers and companies, providing them with quality data for innovative solutions.

We adhere to privacy by design, striving for a decentralized digital landscape. Our architecture and business model guarantee that we never access or control user data.

We support data interoperability, ensuring free data flow as per individual choices. Our system facilitates data usage across various formats and exchange methods, aligning with international standards.

Transparency is our trust cornerstone. It is embedded in our architecture, business operations, and company ethos.

We aim to set a standard in ethical data sharing, providing tools and guidelines for society, governments, businesses, and individuals to follow suit.

We stay committed to our mission of using data and privacy to enhance lives and better the world, and we invite you to join us in this journey.