What is digi.me?

A new ethical and sustainable way for individuals to take control of their data and privately share with data-driven apps and services

Understanding digi.me Private Sharing

Understanding digi.me Private Sharing

​A new model for privacy and personal data

Digi.me and Personal  which merged in 2017 have been widely recognised since 2009 for pioneering individual control over data while enhancing privacy and security. Our distributed user-centric architecture shifts power to individuals by making it easy for people to aggregate their own data and privately share with apps and companies that play by these new rules.

Unlocking faster, more powerful data-driven innovation

We allow the richest, most comprehensive and most accurate data about a person to be used with advanced analytics and machine learning in a responsible and sustainable framework, unleashing limitless innovation and potential. We also greatly reduce the costs and risks of having to protect data and ensure privacy, allowing companies of all sizes to focus on what they do best.

Catalysing a race to the top by companies and developers

We are also creating a better way of doing things for companies, developers and public services. Rather than competing on the ability to collect and exploit data behind the scenes, we enable them to compete on the value they can deliver to a person from using even better data in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.

Working toward a decentralised future with proven reliability, privacy and security today

Our privacy-by-design, distributed architecture enables the single most important step in building the decentralised, interoperable future we all want – helping people take control over their data to use however they choose (including exporting and taking elsewhere). The Private Sharing platform has been designed, tested and ruggedized by startups and Fortune 500 companies. We invite you to come build the future with us.

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Maybe it's time we take ownership. Digi.me hopes to help us do just that...We get to approve what we're sharing and with whom.

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