User-centric architecture
with privacy by design

Combining the best of decentralized systems with the reliability and security you need today Private Sharing Technical Overview

3 Core Principles & Distributed, User-Centric Architecture
Cloud-Based Syncing Service
Private Sharing Service (formerly Consent Access)

​User-centric architecture was designed from the ground up with user centricity
​User-centric architecture

All of the user's data is stored encrypted in a cloud of their choice (not on

The individual has the only set of keys to the data

All data transfers to apps are approved by the individual using a simple swipe motion

The Private Sharing process is designed to be easily understood by the individual

Privacy by design

Privacy by design

The privacy and security features of were designed into the product from day one - not an afterthought

The individual is 100% in control of whom they share their data with

 Data is stored encrypted with multiple keys to keep it private from cloud storage providers and everyone else

All data sharing is easily auditable in the app

The individual can easily stop or revoke access to data

Privacy by design

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