We're on a mission to help you own your health records

It's proven that viewing your health data improves awareness, and promotes better care and wellness.

We'd like your help to test and improve our app that's designed to give you access to your digital life. Everyone who successfully completes the process will get a $75 Amazon gift card.

 *Terms & Conditions are available here

Download digi.me

You will need to use a beta version of digi.me to connect to your hospital. Click on iOS or Google Play for instructions on how to do that.

Set up your digi.me

Setting up your digi.me library is straight forward. Choose which cloud storage you use and create a password so only you can access your data.

Install digi.me

Choose where to keep your digi.me

Sign in and give digi.me access

Encrypt your digi.me

Connect to your hospital

Select your hospital from the Connect Sources screen. Here are instructions on how you create an account with your hospital if you haven't yet created one.

Select your hospital

Login with your credentials

Allow access

View your records

You will be asked to complete a short survey

To qualify for your $75 Amazon gift card, you will need to send us proof that you connected your hospital record to your digi.me and complete a short survey.

Sending proof

- To do this, open digi.me and make sure some of your health record is visible
- Shake your phone or tablet and click Suggest an improvement
- When prompted enter your email address and where it says 'How can we improve?' type Claim Health Reward

Completing the survey

We will send you a link to a survey when we receive your proof.

The survey should take around 3 minutes to complete and is very valuable to us. Your input helps us shape the future of digi.me and our aim to improve healthcare and wellbeing.

The information and answers you provide are for internal use only.

Once completed you will receive your gift voucher

That's it! Within 14 days, we'll send your Amazon gift card to that email address

Got a question?

Here's more info

What is digi.me?
Digi.me is a free app which enables you to bring all of your data together and store it safely in a secure library of your choice. Digi.me as a company does not see touch or hold your data, ever.

Is it safe to store my personal data in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.?
Digi.me adds layers of security to your data, meaning that no matter where you choose to save your data you can be confident it is 100 percent private and secure. Because we double encrypt everything and only you have the password, even if someone was able to access your Dropbox account, for example, they would not be able to see or do anything with your data. Find out more about how we protect your data

I already have access to my health data via a portal, why do I need digi.me?
Portals only provide a view in to your heath record at a particular hospital and you have to login to access it. Digi.me allows you to download your own secure copy of your record so that you have a copy which you own and control. If you go to more than one health service provider, you can connect all your records so that you have one complete record in one place, that you can access at any time whenever you need it. In the future, you will be able to choose to share this complete record with apps and service providers so that, no matter where you are, you have a complete and up to date medical history available. Even if you only have one healthcare provider, you’ll have access to a range of apps and services which you can use to help you manage your health and wellbeing.

Can anyone else see my data?
No. digi.me never sees, touches or holds your data. You use the app to connect to your data and download it, and only you know the password. The data is encrypted using your password and stored in a secure location which you choose, making it wholly private to you. Only if you explicitly choose to share your data with a 3rd party will they have access and only to the data that you allow them to see. Even when you have given consent, this can be revoked at any time.

When will my hospital be available?
We are connecting to hospitals as and when they become available. We hope to add more quickly once we are through the initial testing phase. You can help us by getting involved and letting us know what hospital(s) you would like us to support.
Get involved and let us know which hospital you would like to access here.

How do I get my username / password for my hospital?
You need to ask your hospital or visit their website to find out more details. Usually you simply need to ask for access to their online patient portal.

I’ve got another question or want to talk to someone.
Please feel free to get in touch with any comments and questions and we’ll be happy to help.