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Share data. Get paid. It’s that easy.

Participate in research studies and earn cash and UBDI when you choose to share opinions and anonymous insights from your data with non-profits, academic institutions or companies!
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About UBDI

Everyone's making money off of your data - except you! UBDI changes the game by protecting your data, respecting your choices, and making sure you are compensated for the billions of dollars being generated from every swipe, click and step you take!

UBDI’s private research app lets you pick from studies relevant to you so whether you are a runner, country music fan, or frequent traveler, you can now choose when and with whom your anonymised data is shared. No long surveys -- your data does the talking and you get paid for being yourself in seconds.

Using’s private sharing technology, all your data is encrypted and kept in your private data vault so UBDI can only access insights with your permission and companies can get the insights they need without knowing who you are.

What are you waiting for? Put your data to work for you and together we can create a Universal Basic Data Income! 

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App Features

Using’s private sharing technology, we create a church and state relationship between you as the only owner and controller of your data and UBDI, your monetisation engine and advocate, getting you compensated when you choose. 

Our PrivateMatch Technology means no centralised profiles! See studies relevant to you without UBDI or UBDI partners knowing who you are.

You can make $100’s if not $1000’s a year with each study only taking an average of 10 seconds!

Be a part of a community working together to reclaim their data and flip the current data economy to work for them.

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We're passionate about making apps that help people get in touch with their digital footprint.
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Android app