System integrators

Show your clients the future of user-permissioned data, privacy and personalisation

“Our global collaboration with, across different industry sectors, will allow us to leverage their robust and scalable platform, towards enabling our enterprise clients to offer secure, regulation compliant, differentiated and compelling data-leveraged services to their customers.”

Hardeep Singh Garewal, President – Europe, ITC Infotech Ltd

Provide your customers with Private Sharing tools and data access that delivers a competitive advantage in a compliant and privacy-driven world

Services and solutions such as digital onboarding, KYC checks, consumer profiling and cross-selling - with explicit and informed consent - can now be achieved from existing software solutions.

Private Sharing provides a consent framework and highly secure personal data routing network in solutions that can also run at your client locations. Enable permission-based access to rich personal data with access to 1000’s of data types via one API.

Deliver seamless onboarding experiences, richer customer engagement and higher conversion rates, whilst lowering costs and easing the compliance and data storage burden.