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The ultimate weapon of mass disruption - people with data.

Join the race to the top

Join the race to the top

The world's need for data has never been greater, but the current "race to the bottom" based on surveillance and exclusive corporate ownership of data must change

Work with us to build innovative data-driven apps and services while enhancing privacy and security - now that's game changing

The key is to embrace a central role for individuals to control access to their data

Get that right and you can build the next unicorn - or take your growing business to an entirely new level

There (should be) an app for that

There's an app for that

The Private Sharing SDK let's you innovate with combinations of rich, structured data you've never imagined

Our starter apps with downloadable source code will show you what's possible and help you get going even faster

There aren't many data-driven apps and services that won't need to be reinvented with a user-centric, privacy approach

Accelerate training and protect the privacy and security of your ML and AI with private sharing and edge processing

Low cost transaction or revenue share pricing ensure costs are never an issue

Contact us for a free trial or to join the free startup program

There (should be) an app for that
Apply to our SocialSafe Incubator

Apply to our SocialSafe Incubator

​We're passionate about supporting developers and startups who want to build decentralized apps that empower people with their data and privacy.

Community ideation and sharing of best practices

Free starter apps and source code

Get matched with seed funders

Business plan development and joint marketing programs

White gloves technical support

Free startup pricing and credits

" has been a critical partnership for us. Not only has their Private Sharing platform allowed us to get to market faster and save tons of time building connectors to APIs of thousands of data sources, but the privacy and security they offer both users and our business would be tough to replicate on our own. We are proud to be at the forefront of creating a new user-centric model with them."

- Dana Budzyn, Co-Founder & CEO, UBDI