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Looking for a job? Running for office? Getting married? Automatically analyses all your social posts for vulgar or objectional content to see what you might want to delete.



Analyses a year’s worth of social media data across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social sites to analyse your posting habits, including by day and time.



Allows users to download all of their medical records, including hospital visits, medication, allergies, vaccinations and diagnoses, into one place where they can easily be searched, viewed, and shared.


Happy Not Happy

Provides insights on the emotional content and mood of your social media posts over the previous two years.



Allows you to import every photo you have ever posted, re-posted, commented on, or liked across every major social network.


Retina Risk

Diabetes manager that uses your health and device data to help you identify your risk for sight-threatening retinopathy. You can track and monitor disease progression and gain insights into your condition.



Analyzes your immunisation records to see what vaccines you need before traveling to a specific country.


Private and secure financial manager that instantly gives your a window into all of your expenses and spending. Features beautiful, interactive graphs and pie charts.

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Health Data Exchange

Enables you to make your health and lifestyle data available to researchers privately around the world to connect you with cutting edge health research and clinical trials.


A new dating app based on your finances and spending habits. Would you date someone who shared favorite brands like IKEA, Iceland Air, Amazon, Crunch Fitness or KFC?

Private Digital Surveys

Allows companies to publish surveys which you can opt into taking for rewards. Your data is anonymised and surveys are answered automatically based on the data shared.

Concepts in creation


Identity scoring and verification using various data sources such as social networks, financial and health records.


An application to match people with life threatening conditions to studies they may be able to participate in.

Social Justice

A fun way to settle petty grievances using a jury of social media peers.


A peer-to-peer platform that connects borrowers and lenders and takes away banking fees.

Zen Routes

Destress your commute based on your mood of the day and dynamic transport information, choose a personalised route to work.


A fitness app for those with limiting illnesses. Activate suggests activities based on your medical conditions, current weight, baseline heart rate, age and health.

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