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Digi.me’s technology lets you securely share data with another app or website. You consent and can view the data to be shared and the right to be forgotten is provided.


When do you post most? Get a quick insight into when you post to your social media. Analyse your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr account, or if you have a digi.me library, simply grant access so we can analyse your posts.


Healthy Me puts your health in your hands. Download and view your key health information including allergies, prescriptions, vaccinations and diagnosis.


Your private financial dashboard. View all your financial information in one place. Understand your spending habits, search your transactions and effectively manage your finances.


Monitor your child’s muscular dystrophy. Helps families to monitor their child’s disease progress. Provides key health insights in easy to view graphs. Monitors fitness, body growth and other key data. Data is shared privately via the digi.me platform.

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