Our security tech spec


Application authentication via minimum 12 character passwords and high entropy key derivation functions to limit brute force attack viability. Application authentication via SSL certificates with Verisign trust anchor.

Encryption – Asymmetric

High integrity password vaults encrypted with market proven RSA function library, implemented as FIPS compliant 2048-bit, with OAEP padding.

API integrity

A number of APIs are exposed to public internet access and we secure them via strict SSL connection requirements, firewall rules and transactional design aimed at limited potential for denial of service, spoofing and fuzzing attacks.

Cloud Processing Integrity

All cloud processing is context-free and only functions when provided data access credentials by an authenticated user app via a secure connection request. Personal data is never stored on any discs and all processing threads are destroyed when complete.

SSL – Implementation

SSL implementations are exclusively with mature and proven source libraries, using TLS 1.2 and specific control of ECDH curve selection, connections are validated to SSL A+ rating unless limited by external systems.

Encryption – Symmetric

File encryption via AES-256 by default with optional AES-128 for low-power devices.

Encryption – Key management

Symmetric file encryption keys are individually stored in encrypted format with the authorised recipient’s asymmetric encryption PUBLIC key so only secured holders of PRIVATE key can decrypt.

Our Security Presentation