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Retina Risk

Track and monitor disease progression and gain insights into your condition.

Diabetes manager that uses your health and device data to help you identify your risk for sight-threatening retinopathy.
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About Retina Risk

The Diabetic Retinopathy Calculator (DRC) is designed for individuals with diabetes and it is the first mobile application available developed specifically for diabetic retinopathy. The application allows users to track and monitor their disease progression and get valuable information about their clinical condition.

The Risk DRC calculates patient’s percentage risk of developing sight-threatening retinopathy over time.
The risk estimates are based on each individual’s clinical data.

Find whether you are in high or low risk for developing retinopathy.
Find out what you should do to lower your risk and achieve target levels
Track and monitor your disease progression over time
Find educational information about diabetic retinopathy and related diseases
See recommended interval until your next screening visit

A score of recommendations is given based on each individual result. The recommendation may be used to improve the health of each individual. The application provides the option of logging results over time to view and monitor progression over time. We recommend that this application be used every time an individual visits his endocrinologists or when they go for a screening visit.

The company behind The Risk DRC application Risk Medical Solutions is an academic based software house located in Iceland with over 30 years of experience in screening for diabetic retinopathy and treating diabetes.

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App Features

Using’s private sharing technology, all your data is encrypted and never has to leave your device!

Download and view your key health information.

Uses to securely connect to your health data where available

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