Reputation management

Private analytics on social posts and online data to help a person identify problems and protect their reputation

"A new app promises to wipe up your social media mess, and might help you stay gainfully employed. Called "That F***ing Post" it hunts through your accounts looking for things you shouldn't have said...It can go back to the start of many social media accounts, perhaps tracking down faux pas from years ago. Handy if you wrote things during the throws of youthful indiscretion but now want a paying job."

Daily Mirror

Nothing is more important than a person's reputation

It is impossible for individuals to remember all of the information they are associated with on social media. For people in their 20s and 30s who grew up posting constantly, they might literally have created or been tagged in tens of thousands of posts across multiple social networks.

The Private Sharing SDK was used to create an app called TFP to help solve this problem by privately identifying potentially objectionable or offensive content. Using edge processing and a library of over 8,000 terms and phrases, social content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest is analysed without leaving the device and flagged for review. A simple workflow allows posts that a user wants to edit or delete to be opened directly from the app.

This solution touches industries of all kinds and professionals of all ages. Ideal for job search companies, executive recruiters, and human resources departments. The app source code and technology is freely available to adapt to your needs or brand.