Helping third-party data apps unlock the potential of the platform

We had to train ourselves to think about this fairly new concept of owning data, it’s a completely new mindset.

Reon, which produces custom software solutions, has been working with for three years since being introduced by our Icelandic partner Dattaca Labs.

The company first worked with Dattaca to build an app to connect to the Icelandic government’s patient facing API, a world first built to allow citizens to download their electronic health record. The resulting app, HealthyMe, is powered by

CEO Elvar Thormar said there was a huge attraction about the idea of developing technology that could give everyone in Iceland access to their health records. He said: “It sounded really cool, and something that Ithought I really wanted to be part of.”

But we got hooked on this first project, because the platform is awesome for developers that like challenges.

That initial app build – which he said was “exciting and challenging” as it was pushing at the edge of secure data exchange technology - allowed REON to understand’s inner workings. Crucially, it also give those working at the company lots of insights into the platform’s potential, and what other use casescould be.

Once REON understood the full power of, in particular the ability to share slices of 100 per cent accurate data with full privacy and control in a GDPR compliant way, it moved on to developing other apps built on the platform.

These include Finlove, which gives users romantic matches based on their spending history, and VaxAbroad, which quickly shows users what vaccinations they need to travel anywhere in the world.

Both came out of the Iceland Data Hack in May, and REON is also developing some ideas using that it hopes will be relevant to its own customer base.

“The key thing is keeping the momentum going, and we will be pitching to our user base about adopting I can see the potential for the platform in integrating with big systems. It’s definitely a huge possibility – it’s the future.”
Reon Founder and CEO, Elvar Thormar visit the website.

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