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Build valuable data-driven apps and services while increasing privacy and security

Private Sharing to get data

Private Sharing to get data

Private Sharing is the safe and ethical way to access rich consented user data with your app or business

Build entirely new apps and services using innovative combinations of data and true edge processing

Integrate with existing apps or services to enable more personalisation and to enhance privacy

Our consent management service ensures users have control over when data is shared and creates fully auditable records

SDK currently available in Android, iOS and React Native

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Private Sharing to give data

Postbox service to give data 

Secure and consent driven personal data collection, transfer and sharing

Empower your customers with safe access to their data as required by data portability and right of access laws 

Data is fully encrypted and complies with duty of care requirements

​Your customers will be able to easily search or browse data - and reuse with other apps

​Our consent management service ensures you will have a clear, auditable record for compliance

Private Sharing to give data
Personal Data Stores for users

Personal Data Stores for users

​Every individual gets the Private Sharing app for their data - a fully encrypted Personal Data Store

​Data is imported, encrypted and then stored in a location controlled by the user - not (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive)

​We use the best tools for encryption, including: RSA 2048-bit and AES 256-bit encryption, firewalls, TLS, certificate pinning, API anti-fuzzing, and other technology

​The keys to decrypt data live on the user's device and not with, creating distributed secure data storage instead of a centralised honey-pot on company servers

​With user permission, your app can access and process data without having to store a toxic asset that you need to secure and protect. It's the safest way to build modern apps that rely on personal data!

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Harmonised Rich Data from users

Harmonised Rich Data from users

​Let do the hard work of integrating and normalising data sources while you innovate on the best data available about a user

​1,000s of data integrations across Social, Medical, Financial, Health & Fitness and Music & Entertainment

​A single user can have 10,000s of rich, accurate, compliant data points with nearly real-time updates

​We harmonise all data according to a common ontology and deliver in a single developer-friendly JSON file format

​ will maintain the integrations so you don’t have to

Our Services team is available to help you prepare your own data and IT systems for data access

 Learn more about our data sources

Harmonised Rich Data from users
Starter Apps with downloadable source code

Starter Apps with downloadable source code

​An SDK is great, but starter apps with free downloadable source code are even better

​We wanted to see what developers could do once liberated from having to worry about security, privacy and scrubbing data, so our SocialSafe Incubator built a bunch of apps that demonstrate the power of Private Sharing and the SDK

​You can take a whole app or just some of the reusable components and freely copy and incorporate them into your own

​We have online tutorials that explain how we built the apps so you can learn on your own

​Of course, white gloves support is always available from our Services team

​​If you prefer, our certified third party development partners are trained and able to do the work for you - from design to coding