Private Sharing SDK

Easy, private, secure & ethical way to innovate with personal data. And it's free to get started.

Quick start

Quick start

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SDK available in iOS, Android & React Native


Access 1,000s of data sources from a single SDK (social, financial, health, fitness, wearables, entertainment and music)

Unlimited combinations of rich data directly from users lets you build innovative new data-driven services while enhancing privacy

Distributed architecture and data storage reduce your costs and risks

Consent management service ensures users control data they share and provides an auditable consent trail

Easy to integrate - see data flowing in minutes

Our apps and downloadable source code speak for themselves

Our apps and ideas speak for themselves

The best way to understand Private Sharing is to check out some apps and the art of the possible

This app gallery was specially created to highlight the value proposition of each app



 Choose the lower cost pricing option for your app or business:

$0.10 per transaction pricing for private shares to your app, with a $3 max per user per app per year

7.5% revenue share on all revenue generated from Private Sharing

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