How do we protect you and your data?

We don’t see, touch or hold your data

We are pioneering industry-leading security, privacy and legal terms to protect you and your data

Only you can view or share your data lets you get, see and share your data securely and with 100% privacy

Only you own your data – and benefit from it

Our business model - and reputation - is based on helping you do what you want with your data. never benefits from your data because we can't see it (and we don't want to, either)

Fast facts on security and privacy

  We never see or store your password (so don’t lose it or you’ll have to start over!)

  Your data is never stored on our servers, but is encrypted and stored on a personal cloud of your choice (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox)

  All data operations happen inside the app or within a temporary virtual personal cloud (for syncing) that terminates when done

  Data is encrypted with a set of keys and ciphers equal to those of banks and the military

  We always use SSL connections for maximum security

  Data can only be shared when you are logged in and give explicit permission

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