Free for users, affordable and predictable for partners and developers

The app is always free to users

Apps powered by can be free or have a fee to users makes money from data delivery fees, which are small transaction fees paid by companies when apps get data from a user or give data back to a user. Alternatively, you can choose a revenue sharing option on fees you charge for your app or app-related service.

Pricing is designed to be affordable and predictable to encourage regular sharing and syncing of data – costs should be negligible given the value of the data, privacy and security provides to your business.

We have a free startup program for early stage companies and can support a free trial if you are developing a new app or integrating with an existing app. Learn more below or contact us.

Fees for Get Data

(apps and integrations)

Transform your data-driven apps and services with a single access point for a huge range of consented user data

Fees for Give Data

(data portability)

The best, most secure way to let your customers download their data – and keep it synced