Personalise commerce

Make your products and services truly relevant while enhancing user privacy and reducing your risks

"...better data than Google et al because it can be wider and deeper and should remain a lot more accurate."

- TechCrunch

Get richer user data to personalise online and mobile commerce safely

Knowing your customer makes it easier to offer the products and services they really want. But the current game of tracking users and buying data from data brokers to build online profiles has all kinds of legal and technical problems and liabilities you can't afford.

With the Private Sharing platform, you can ask users for far richer, more accurate data from many sources and match them with the best products directly inside your app. Data never has to leave the user’s device to do the complex matching using your algorithms and machine learning.

Even matchmaking between people can be personalised, like this innovative new app by Reon called Finlove. Check out the video of how it works.