Private Sharing platform

Build valuable data-driven apps and services while increasing privacy and security

" promises to put all of that data from all of your services – we’re talking financial, health, social and more – in one place. And get this, you can search it all and decide who can see it and who can use it.”

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A better way to innovate with personal data

A better way to innovate with personal data

​Build a new app or service powered by rich data from users

Supercharge your existing app or service with easy integrations

Safely return customer data to comply with GDPR

Request access to richer, broader, highly accurate data

Build trust and brand loyalty with transparency, privacy and a user-centric approach to data

Products and services

Products and services

Return and request data through Private Sharing 

Enable data portability through Postbox

Secure personal data stores for users

Normalised data directly from users

Starter Apps and downloadable source code

Products and services
Enterprise solutions

5 key Private Sharing use cases

patient-centric approach in healthcare where greater privacy unlocks health innovation

Access to concise cohorts brings rapid insights from user data for massive research advancements

Increase customer insight and loyalty within banking, insurance and finance

KYC and identity verification automation brings significant costs savings for countries, government and industries

Take AI and ML to the next level with distributed edge processing for your apps

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

​We offer enterprise-grade solutions for your toughest personal data challenges - privacy, security, compliance, data harmonisation and analytics

Take the first step to rich data access by returning customer data and fulfil your data portability requirements

Grow your customer loyalty and build trust with new services empowered by users sharing more data in a private and secure way

Build an app in days or weeks and ideate with your innovation team

Certified systems integrators can also provide end-to-end development and change management for you

Enterprise solutions
Startups and growing businesses
Startups and growing businesses

Startups and growing businesses

​Create innovative data-driven apps and services that differentiate your business - leave the privacy, security and data challenges to us

Move fast and take advantage of emerging market and regulatory forces supporting privacy, transparency and data control

Be a leader in empowering people with their data

Special pricing and programs for startups

Apply to the SocialSafe Incubator for more hands on support and funding for developing your product and business

Enterprise solutions

Read our Executive Security Briefing; modern techniques in commercial data privacy platforms

Enterprise solutions

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