Fuelling innovation for tomorrow’s Personal Data economy

Forward thinking partnerships and solutions

A better way to innovate with personal data

Join the ecosystem designed to build trust and brand loyalty with a transparent and private approach to data. 
Our partnerships enable new wave of dynamic services that bring greater consumer value with respect and data integrity by design. 

"Digi.me promises to put all of that data from all of your services – we’re talking financial, health, social and more – in one place. And get this, you can search it all and decide who can see it and who can use it.”

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Enterprise solutions

5 key Private Sharing use cases

patient-centric approach in healthcare where greater privacy unlocks health innovation

Access to concise cohorts brings rapid insights from user data for massive research advancements

Increase customer insight and loyalty within banking, insurance and finance

KYC and identity verification automation brings significant costs savings for countries, government and industries

Take AI and ML to the next level with distributed edge processing for your apps

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

​We offer enterprise-grade solutions for your toughest personal data challenges - privacy, security, compliance, data harmonisation and analytics

Take the first step to rich data access by returning customer data and fulfil your data portability requirements

Grow your customer loyalty and build trust with new services empowered by users sharing more data in a private and secure way

Build an app in days or weeks and ideate with your innovation team

Certified systems integrators can also provide end-to-end development and change management for you

Enterprise solutions

Partnerships built for industry diversity

Our technology is designed for any environment that handles personal data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and personal health information, the uses are infinitely broad. Our breadth of partnerships powers innovation creating new services opportunities. Meet our partners.

Australian Data Exchange

Privacy. Protection. Power

Products and services designed to safely unlock the value of personal data exchanges and access rights between Government or business directly with consumers.


Really simple data analytics

Incredibly intuitive next-gen solutions to transform your data infrastructure. Better business intelligence through faster and simpler data analytics.


Digital Health. Unlocked

We work with organisations to empower people to actively use and embrace digital health, in health and care, charities and educational organisations.


Secure Laboratory Analysis

Safe data facilitation for Covid test analysis and results straight from the laboratory. For governments and health providers, making testing accessible to companies and their employees.


Talk, Learn, Earn

UBDI is the #1 digital destination for your data where you can anonymously talk, learn and earn with communities of people just like you.

Edge Consulting

Uniting people and technology

Egde’s mission is to unite people and technology, creating value for companies and society. We help customers realise their opportunities by combining our experiences and expertise in strategy, user value and technology.

Bad Dinosaur

Amazing digital products

Software design and development for building digital products - from an idea the first paying customers and beyond.

Sopra Banking Software

Powering banking transformation

With the agility of a fintech and support of a large group, we design tech solutions for financial institutions worldwide to provide services accessible to each of us, everywhere, anytime.

ITC Infotech

Business friendly solutions

This strategic partnership delivers solutions that not only provide the end user with a single view of all their data but also put them in complete control of that data and its sharing rights.


Mobile App development

Reon has helped companies to strive in their digital journey. Undertaking ambitious software projects through the steps of its customer journey into the future.


Smarter technology for all

Creating smarter technology that solves problems, creates opportunities and transforms the way we all live, learn, work and heal.


Information security

TeamData enables companies, employees, consultants and teams of any kind to collaboratively manage and protect information they constantly need.


Fresh app devs

The Onymos Fabric is designed specifically for enterprises building complex, feature-rich mobile apps.

Swiss Re

Embracing digital services

Working with organisations to empower people to actively use and embrace digital health, in health and care, charities and educational organisations.


Improving customer engagement

Clariter is dedicated to improving customer engagement, combining traditional in-lab testing with crowd-sourced scale, and the data insight of customer sentiment. 

Western Digital

Data storage solutions

Creating access to information makes the possibilities endless. Western Digital help to accelerate the flow of data, so both data and businesses can thrive.


Retail and digital

Fnac is a distributor of cultural and information technology, and consumer electronic products.

Whether you’re a technology, system integrator or an industry specialist, we take care of the data integration so you can focus on your business.