Partners - get access to way more data from your customers with their permission - while enhancing privacy, security and complying with GDPR

Come innovate with us!

Let us help you get ready for the consent economy - and show you how to leapfrog your competition by collaborating with your customers on their data.

Distribute and Earn Revenue

Introduce your users to and earn revenue while promoting the benefits of user control of data

GDPR Compliance

Give to your customers with a copy of their data to comply with GDPR data portability laws

Consent Access

Supercharge your apps and sites with rich, permissioned data directly from users

Social Data Freedom

Get more types of social data in a single integration with more freedom to innovate


Build your own data-driven app with our tools for developers

Personal Analytics

Data scientists can now innovate with the most robust user data available

Some of our partners

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