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  • Export your Viadeo Connections
  • Keep a secure record of your Profile, Posts & Messages
  • See who disconnects
    with you

SocialSafe for PC & Mac is an easy-to-setup and schedule archiving tool that backs up your most important information from your Viadeo profile. Use SocialSafe to back up your work experience, education, posts, friends' comments, messages and most importantly, your contacts. Find someone or something you said even when you're offline.

You can also merge your Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn posts too!

SocialSafe is a back up solution that you own and control. Go beyond the cloud by uniting your social networks into one beautiful digital journal. Yours to treasure forever.

Currently backing up:

  • Connections (inc profiles)
  • Profile
  • Education
  • Work
  • Messages
  • Updates

Coming very soon:

  • v7.0 Multiple Accounts
  • v7.0 Analytics
  • SocialSafe screen shot
  • SocialSafe screen shot
  • SocialSafe screen shot
  • SocialSafe screen shot
Treated myself to a copy of @SocialSafe for my birthday. Now that I'm old, I need to start archiving my social (media) life.

Aaron Rester

Aaron Rester

Start looking after your yesterdays today!

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