Your Tweets won't last forever

SocialSafe is the richest Twitter archive tool - friends, followers, tweets, direct messages, photos and favourites, downloaded directly to your computer

Go beyond a simple Twitter archive with SocialSafe

SocialSafe downloads everything* from your Twitter account and other online social network accounts and stores it in a library safely tucked away on your computer. Now any Tweet, Mention, DM, Photo, Favourite or Follower is instantly available to you. Search for something you said years ago, copy all your Twitter photos to your Dropbox, or find out which friends have unfollowed you recently.

* You only have access to your most recent 3,200 tweets, so start saving them now!

Search for a tweet, mention, message, photo or follower

Search across all your networks in one go, or narrow down your search to a network, account or content type. Repeat searching is made easy with lists of recent and saved searches.

Automatic background syncing means you'll never risk losing a Facebook photo again

Weekly, daily, hourly. You can set your SocialSafe to check and download new content at a frequency that suits you. Unlike other export or archive options, SocialSafe only downloads what has changed since the last sync to save you heaps of time and to show you what has changed. Don't leave any of your Twitter content unaccounted for!

Who interacts with you most on Twitter?

Ever wondered which of your tweets got the most retweets and was most favourited? What about who you interactive with most? How about when you are most active? All these questions and more can be answered with SocialSafe Insights.

Get started today! Simply download and add your social networks

Very soon you will have a copy of all the content you've posted, your friends, content they've posted about you and so much more, all on your computer.

If something goes wrong with one of your social network accounts, or your photo albums disappear, or tagged photos get removed, or the networks have a bad day ... you will always have a copy of your own.

Check out which social networks and what content can be backed up to your SocialSafe library