Our mission – a decentralised world where data is controlled by people for their own benefit

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"One company wants to give you control over your data. Right now."

“A life management platform” 

The Economist

A new model for privacy and personal data

Digi.me and Personal (which merged in 2017) have been widely recognised since 2009 for pioneering user control over data while enhancing privacy. Our decentralised architecture shifts power to individuals and developers by making it easy for people to aggregate their own data and privately share with apps that play by these new rules.

Catalysing a race to the top by companies and developers

Giving people control over data is not only right and fair, it’s a better way of doing things for companies, developers and public services.

Rather than competing on the ability to collect data, we enable third-parties to compete on the value they can deliver to a person from using their data in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.

“Having control over our data means being able to view it in its entirety whenever we want, and to decide if, when and how companies may use it.” 


 “...better data than Google et al because it can be wider and deeper and should remain a lot more accurate” 


Unlocking faster, more powerful data-driven innovation

Digi.me allows the richest, most comprehensive and most accurate data about a person to be used with advanced analytics and machine learning in a responsible and sustainable framework, unleashing limitless innovation and potential.

We also greatly reduce the costs and risks of having to protect data and ensure privacy, allowing companies to focus on what they do best.

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