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Check out all the ways Private Sharing is helping companies, developers and users

Personalised medicine

Personalised  medicine

The next generation of healthcare advancements are being driven by data, from population level anonymous studies to deep understanding of individual patients.
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Identity & KYC

Identity  &  KYC

Individuals can now privately parts of their digital life and allow their identity credentials to be verified without sharing personal information.
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System integrators

System  integrators

Turn GDPR into an opportunity by getting access to more data sources by a single SDK/API.
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Fintech and Banking

Fintech  and  banking

Offer innovative personalised financial services from an individual’s constantly updating digital footprint.
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Reputation management

Reputation  management

Private analytics on social posts help a person identify potentially objectionable content and protect their reputation
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Personalised commerce

Personalised  commerce

A better way to personalise the sale of products and services while enhancing user privacy and reducing your risks.
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Data monetisation

Data  monetisation

Powering a new model to help people ethically monetise insights and trends from their own data.
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Data science & personal analytics

Data  science  &  personal  analytics

Explore the frontier of understanding your users while respecting their privacy and control over their data.
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