Identity & KYC

The future of identity is decentralised and user-centric

“Imagine a world where you can create apps, insights and personalized experiences with perfect data about a person – with privacy, security and user control.”

KNOW Identity 
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A growing ecosystem to build trust and identity innovation’s Private Sharing services allows application builders to easily build apps that ask users for their data and make decisions about what that data says about them. This can be for personalising and tailoring services and also this data carries value as identity proof. Modern trust indicators that come from eBay rankings and Twitter follower profiles, identity is increasingly being established from both trusted sources and from crowd-sourced types, where multiple elements of data establish new classes of proof.

Know Your Customer (KYC) process and identity proof, offers the option for trusted parties with KYC rankings, to push that data in encrypted and user-consented format. Users can this access their central library for later use by other apps and services. This creates a growing ecosystem of trust by triangulation and innovative new classes of identity proof.