Consentry for Labs

How Healthmark improved their test results processing and certification release process

“We believe there is tremendous potential in giving consumers full control over what test is done, where and when, and whether or not those test results are shared.”

Marlisa Meijerink, Co-Founder Healthmark

Healthmark are a test provider in the Netherlands. Healthmark decided to start offering PCR tests. Healthmark required a solution that enabled them to speed up the processing of test results without the liability of processing private health information (PHI) of customers. Consentry’s, privacy-as-a-service health pass app enables labs to scale testing and Healthmark to focus on sales, and supply chain management.

Why Consentry for Healthmark test kits?

The effective delivery of test data / results to individuals has long been a challenge for the sector. Some organisations are still unable to track testing or provide results electronically to individuals, operating on a “no news is good news” basis.
While many labs have implemented systems to improve the situation, there are still many issues around privacy and security, not to mention consent for the information sharing.
The integrated Healthmark solution enables the private, secure and verifiable lab test result delivery directly to individuals, reducing complexity, red tape, time and costs for testing therefore improving the individuals experience and improving safety and compliance.
The on-device generation of the test certificate also replaces the need for certificates to be shared by e-mail or being downloaded from websites. And with the certificate being generated on device, no PHI leaves the individuals’ device in case of a negative test result.

While initially implemented for Covid-19 PCR testing, the technology is generic with many applications, which means Healthmark and others can use the toolset to deliver results to individuals regardless of the test being conducted.
The verified test results can also be used for travel purposes. The test certificates have been tailored to various markets, are generated in 8 languages, and is accepted by several countries including …. UK, Aruba, Belgium, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Kenia, Latvia, Malta, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Spain, St. Martin, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and more.

Solution overview

Personal Coronavirus test certificates are required to gain access to locations like workplaces, events and travel. These certificates require personally identifiable information (PII) to accompany the test result. Well adopted industry principles like data minimisation already encourage privacy by keeping PII with the individual. Consentry provides the ability to protect both individual and labs from unnecessary disclosure or processing of PII.
Consentry has turned the process on its head. Instead of individuals disclosing their PII to labs unnecessarily, the test is linked to an individual's app and the results can only go back to that app. Within that app their PII remains and is combined with the test result to generate a presentable test certificate locally. This ensures that labs do not have to request, store, protect or remain liable for handling PII - a win-win. Consentry became an ideal solution to remove the data handling and manual processing of test certificates in a way that ensures the validity of the certificate. The end-to-end process also meets all personal data and health data regulatory requirements. are a market leading personal data company approved for processing medical data. were a natural choice for working on this solution. also work in partnership with Dutch analytics specialists DTACT to integrate Coronavirus testing and certificates as part of a broader health pass solutions. The combination of which provides a scalable, reliable, highly secure, and trustworthy solution.

Success metrics

Consentry app uptake with the Healthmark PCR test kits started out at 70% in first couple of days and increased to 80% or 85% during the first two weeks post release (compared to the previous non-app way of working). Since then, with performance optimisations the overall adoption rate of the Consentry enabled test kits is approaching 100%. 

How to get your test kits Consentry enabled

The easy to adopt technology can be applied to a range of testing scenarios with relatively minor changes to existing processes and technology.
To enable private, secure, and verifiable test results for your customers please get in touch.
Consentry can support all types of tests. Get test results directly into the hands of your customers without directly processing and liability of handling private health or personally identifiable information.

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