Patient Centricity: Empowering individuals with their health data

Your health data in your hands

Your health data in your hands

Health records are incredibly personal to each and every one of us. believes every individual should be able to own and control a complete copy of their health and wellbeing data.

Studies show that we become healthier just by holding our health information, with you can see, search and share your data and chose which services and providers you share your data with.

Patient centricity  eco-system

Patient centricity

Patient centricity is both a philosophy and a technical approach. As a philosophy, it treats the patient as the principal stakeholder rather than the healthcare provider:

Empower patients by giving their data back

Enable patients to use their data with third parties such as healthcare providers, apps and services

Patient centricity enables complex healthcare systems to quickly and easily enable rich and engaging digital health eco-systems without significant system and process change.

Patient centricity  eco-system

Supercharged health services’s Consent Access platform enables complete compliance with GDPR data portability and access requirements whilst empowering individuals with their data.

We call this “private sharing” allowing you to provide personalised health services and get access to richer, wider longitudinal data without the burden of data storage. Lifestyle, behaviours, fitness and health records directly from the individual via a single normalised API with full consent.

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