Give Data

The best, most secure way to let your customers download their data – and keep it synced

"Most platforms already offer some kind of data-download tool, but those tools rarely connect with other services. Europe’s new GDPR legislation requires tools to provide all available data on a given user, which means it’s far more comprehensive than what you’d get from an API…

There are a few projects trying to make use of that data — most notably, which is building an entire app ecosystem around it."

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Simply the best way to comply with GDPR

Simply the best way to comply with GDPR

Giving your customers their data with allows you to meet data portability, duty of care and right of access requirements of GDPR

Data is secured with military grade encryption ( doesn’t see, touch or hold the data)

Ongoing data syncing with audible receipt logs

Data is normalised, structured and highly accurate to make it reusable

Decentralised architecture lets customers stores data on their preferred personal cloud

Simply the best way to comply with GDPR

Build brand loyalty and new data-driven products

Build brand loyalty and new data-driven products allows you to give your customers their data in a format they can re-use with other apps and services

Build customer trust to support future data-driven service innovation

Empower customers with insights into their data and ability to search, sort and share it

Reduce your own liability and risk by storing sensitive customer data

Build brand loyalty and new data-driven products

“Do it yourself” downloads just don’t cut it

Despite the rise of download data tools, current tools fall short of what is required by law, and what is expected by your customers. We enable you to give user data back that is secure, private and usable. delivers

Data download functionality on your site
GDPR compliance
Ongoing syncing
Military grade security
Auditable logs
Easy for users to search and browse data
Interoperability of data
Secure and private reuse
Online customer support
Marketing templates

Pricing for Give Data service

Start-up option
For startups that have raised less than $2M or that have less than $100K revenue, the Give Data service may be used at no cost. Contact us for more information, or if you think you should qualify without meeting these criteria.
Data transfer fees
$0.02 per data transfer (push), max $0.50 per user/app/year
Bulk discounts
More than 250K monthly users qualify for discounts. Please contact us.
Set up fees
There is no charge if you do not require our support. Custom set up available. Contact us for more information.
Minimum annual fees
Except for start-ups, you must pre-pay $10K annually for your data transfer fees, which will be applied as you use the service. Pre-paid fees are non-refundable. Monthly or quarterly billing available thereafter.
Customer service
Included (premium service option available)