Get Data

Transform your data-driven apps and services with a single access point for a huge range of consented user data believes if we are in control of our data, we might be willing to share more… So companies can get a more accurate picture of us, and at the same time we can approve exactly what we are sharing and with whom.”

Integrate into your existing app or build a brand new one

 enjoy new levels of data-driven personalization by getting direct access to user-permissioned data

 single point of access to 15,000+ data sources, including social, financial, health, wearables, entertainment and more

 data is normalised, structured and highly accurate (developer-friendly JSON)

 user-friendly app with privacy dashboard lets users control consent around their data

Our user-centric approach means data is compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations

 simple GDPR compliance for consent, transparency and security

 data secured with military grade encryption ( doesn’t see, touch or hold the data)

 decentralised architecture lets users store their data in personal cloud of their choice

 ongoing data syncing with audible receipt logs

A better way to share data for users and businesses too

It’s not just that laws like GDPR are changing how you must handle data, your users expect their data and privacy to be respected. They also want their data to provide maximum value, benefits and convenience for them. delivers

GDPR compliance
Data accuracy
Data diversity
Normalised and structured data
Ease of integration
Easy for users to search & browse data
Interoperability of data
Secure and private reuse
Online customer support
Marketing templates

Pricing for Get Data service

Start up option
For startups that have raised less than $10M or that have less than $1M revenue, the Get Data service may be used at no cost. Contact us for more information, or if you think you should qualify without meeting these criteria.
Data transfer fees
The lesser of:
- $0.10 per data transfer, max $3.00 per user/app/year; or
- 7.5% revenue share on fees you charge for your app or app-related service
Bulk discounts
More than 250K monthly users qualify for discounts. Please contact us.
Customer service
Included (premium service option available)

If you have more questions, please contact us!