Fintech and banking’s Private Sharing solutions redefine the customer relationship by enabling a privacy and consent based decentralised Me2B market

“Confirming key functionality around chain of custody, data taxonomy and the highest security criteria was paramount to working with the platform.’s unique architecture where the data is held by the individual, and does not see, touch or hold data ever, and its security design coupled with our API technology, exudes a best practice approach towards Open Banking that meets the highest standards required for transiting consumer data”.

Grant Augustin, CEO, Siss Data Systems

New levels customer engagement that offer suitable services and drive deeper loyalty

Retail clients benefit from the convenience of smoother customer journeys. Data remains private to the individual with analysis run “on-the edge” without the data leaving the users device.

Service providers benefit from digital onboarding, continued automated consumer profiling and KYC updates. A single click of “Private Share with” replaces lengthy webform filling. With access to granular digital footprint data, enables highly targeted cross-selling,’s Private Sharing is a first step towards deep client engagement.

Issuing explicit and informed consent logging are provided and the individual has the right to be forgotten at any time. solutions enable GDPR compliance and data privacy, with consent, privacy and security at the core of our solutions.