Edge processing

The future of distributed AI and machine learning

“Digi.me’s new apps allow you to analyze your sentiment across different social networks, categorize the expenses from across different bank accounts, get alerted to the warning signs for retinopathy based on health and fitness data, and more.”

Fast Company

Private-by-design on device data processing that delivers richer insights

Digi.me’s SDK allows you to build apps that request and process user data on the mobile, whether for analytics or machine learning, with no need to move their data into your business domain, just the calculations.

Now you can build personalised apps and services for high user-volumes. Our edge-processing mode means you can move your compute workloads onto the users mobile device and gain all the privacy benefits. Private Sharing provides major advantages since it’s a securely owned and controlled by the user giving confidence its protected, yet it’s also a powerful compute environment so you can run far lower cloud processing overheads in your own business.

Our SDK simplifies the process for app development and gives you rapid times to proof of value and first betas. Dev teams can easily define the personal data types and the SDK handles the security and privacy compliance processes. Requests to the digi.me app console and cloud services ensure that data is consented and encrypted/decrypted inline with best practices.