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Creating personalised online experiences and sharing more privately via the Consent Access platform. 

Discovering the power of private sharing

Developer teams from startups and innovation groups as well as entrepreneurs and students came together with one mission; to create apps that make the most of the private sharing capabilities of the Consent Access platform using health, social and finance data types.



Tinderest understands your preferences. It uses matching algorithms and AI to automatically suggests things to do in a new destination based on the behaviour of other people with similar profiles, needs and tastes.


Are you vaccinated for all your travels? VaxAbroad makes it easy, by informing you what vaccinations are needed to travel to different countries across the world.


Sensei is an AI bot that runs natively on your phone and is able to chat to you, providing useful information based on your social media, health and financial data. For example Sensei can alert you that you are spending too much on lattes at Starbucks this month. meets Arion Bank

Capture and import your finance and banking transaction data from Icelandic banks into your app.


Check if your vaccinations are up to date, if your prescriptions are available where you are travelling and if there are any dangerous drug interactions with anything you get abroad.


A crowdfunding platform to help people pay for medical expenses. Medical conditions are verified via Icelandic Health API so you cannot crowdfund against a condition you do not have.


Social support network for people with illnesses - connects people with similar medical histories via an anonymous forum to seek and share insights, advice and thoughts. Alleviates the social isolation people often feel when they don't know anyone in the same situation.


Fin-Tin-Der is a dating app based on people’s finances and spending habits – what are the top 5 merchants you spend money with? Would you date someone who shared favourite brands like IKEA, Iceland Air, Amazon, Crunch Fitness or KFC?

Build with using our Consent Access API

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Paula Gould

Principal, Frumtak Ventures
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Tarik Kurspahić

EVP Technology,
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Christina Wilson

Middle East & Africa Regional Manager at AngelHack
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Kristján P. Sæmundssonis

Recruitment Manager,
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Judging Criteria


How fundable is this idea? Is there potential for a sustainable business model


How original, creative or unique is this idea?


How well did the team execute and explain their problem? Did they demo a working solution?


How scalable is this solution? Will it make an impact?


Beyond design, have they thought through the end-to-end user experience for their solution?

Prizes and winners Grand Prize


Non-profit Prize


Onymos Fabric Prize


Patient-Facing API Prize


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