Data monetisation

Powering a new model to help people ethically monetise insights and trends from their own data

" has been a critical partnership for us. Not only has their Private Sharing platform allowed us to get to market faster and save tons of time building connectors to APIs of thousands of data sources, but the privacy and security they offer both users and our business would be tough to replicate on our own. We are proud to be at the forefront of creating a new user-centric model with them."

- Dana Budzyn, Co-Founder & CEO, UBDI

A long-time vision of people monetising data comes to life's Private Sharing platform is enabling innovation around emerging models to help individuals ethically monetise their own data.

In the example of UBDI, a startup based in the United States working with, raw data itself is never sold, rather aggregated, anonymised insights and trend data is monetised in the market research industry, protecting the privacy of users while helping them generate income from their data.

This model is a win-win for individuals and companies, who can rely on the higher quality data and the clear permission provided directly by users using Even developers can participate in this new approach by not charging for their apps and sharing in the revenue generated by data from their apps with users.