COVID-19: How we can help you

It has become clear that society needs solutions that empower individuals and governments to do more with greater access to data without infringing on personal privacy and freedom.

yt_covidresponse enables rapid citizen-centric data exchange solutions for flexibile Gov COVID-19 uses

The technology to enable private sharing of sensitive personal data is available now through and we are supporting the COVID-19 response efforts around the world including:

Government proposals in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and other countries

Grants and research applications in various countries

Commercial opportunities with clients / partners empowers citizens and governments to share sensitive personal data without infringing on individuals’ human rights and freedom. does this by equipping citizens with their data including geo-location, social interactions, behaviours and medical records to enable them to consent and share their data to accelerate innovation and research.


How works

Apps, services and capabilities which would benefit from accelerated access to personal data should get in contact with as soon as possible and we will enable them to access the data they need with the appropriate consent.

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If you have an application, service or capability which can help with:

Tracking the status of individuals with COVID-19 and their longitudinal outcomes

Supporting users at home and with home healthcare such support and condition specific apps

Medical research now and in the future

Have a novel solution that you think could help in this crisis

Or if you or your organisation can help with liberating data and getting it back to individuals or support the establishment and distribution of the personal data eco-system.

Please get in touch by completing the contact form below.

If you or your organisations can help with liberating data and getting it back to individuals or establishing and distributing the eco-system we would be keen to hear from you.