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Private and secure way for companies to understand Covid-19 risk in their workspaces, keep staff, customers and visitors safe and maintain maximum productivity.
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Android app

About Consentry

Your organisation wants you to help them make your workplace safer for you and your co-workers.

To do this, you will use this privacy-first location diary app.

You will start to see QR codes in key areas within your organisation that you will be expected to scan, to privately record that you were there.

These records stay with you and are not visible to anyone, including Consentry.

Consentry has two purposes:

1. To check against a list of potentially infected places that are downloaded to your device daily. A potentially infected place is one of your organisation's locations that they have identified as being at risk for a specific time.

2. To remind you where you have recently been if you later need to tell your organisation to help them keep the list of potentially infected places up to date.

The Consentry app will also prompt you to complete a quick self-assessment every day. You will be asked if you would like to share your responses, anonymously, so your organisation can monitor general health trends and react accordingly.

To get started, scan the QR code you received from your organisation.

From there, whenever you see an Entry QR Code, pull out your phone and scan it. You will be asked if you want to check-in or out.

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App Features

Using’s private sharing technology, all your data is encrypted and never has to leave your device!

Checking against a list of potentially infected places

Remind you where you have recently been

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Android app
Android app