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With Connect, you can request access to so much of your customers' personal information

And the list of sources, types, and categories, of personal information, is growing all the time!

300+Sources for Hospital and GP Records (Covering the United Kingdom, and the United States)
1,000+Sources for Bank Transactions (Covering Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States)
5Sources for Social Media Posts
4Sources for Fitness Activities
2Sources for Viewing & Listening History

Bank Transactions

• Up to 24 months transaction history
• Account details and balances
• Reward Cards, Loans, Mortgages*
* Coming Soon to Australia

Medical Records

Over 50% of the English GPs covered
Over 300 US Hospitals

Records can include:
• Allergies
• Medication Prescribed/Dispensed
• Encounters
• Observations
• Immunisations
• Diagnosis

Fitness Activities & Stats

• Up to 24 months of daily statistics:
• Steps
• Distance
• Calories
• Heart Rate
• Workouts/Activities
• Sleep
• Floors Climbed
* Apple Health is currently invite only

Social Media Posts

• Your customers' posts
• Your customers' photos
• Liked Tweets
• Geotags

Viewing & Listening History

• Playlists, Recently Listened To, Artists, Albums
• Following Channels, Liked Videos

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