About the Digi.me App

The product is designed with three core principles: Privacy, Security and Consent.

With your personal security in mind, your data is not located on your mobile device which can easily get lost of stolen, instead the app creates your very own and unique Data Vault where digi.me encrypts and stores your own Sensitive Health information. Your Cloud based Data Vault features multiple layers of data encryptuon to offer the highest levels of robust security necessary for sensitive health data.

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No aggregated data Honeypots on our watch, each data vault is individual.

With the digi-me Health Viewer each citizen Data Vault is unique and design with advanced security features to keep hackers and cyber risks locked out.

Digi.me uses an advanced Platform designed by World Data Exchange to empower you with greater controls and data ownership. The Digi.me app offers tokenised consent technology when you choose to share data via the inbuild PUSH functionality.   The Digi.me App has been curated on a leading consumer centric technology platform to allow you wider personal data insights across your past, current and future health records. Over time you will be able to connect additional information sources from Social, Wearable and IoT channels so that you choose to manage your wellness, lifestyle and health benefits comprehensively.

Our Human centric approaches with the digi.me Service and App aims to give you the ultimate Health Data Viewer rich in privacy centric data sharing tools so that your sensitive information stays in your trusted hands.