The private consent-driven data exchange for access to richer data, serving countries and citizens

Good relationships are based
on trust and mutual respect

Private Sharing enables data driven apps and services to be built with privacy and user consent, offering far richer data access. Innovation for governments, healthcare, finance and enterprise can rapidly accelerate without disruption to existing services or business strategies creating new and valuable services. 



Patient Centricity services flourish with access to health and wellbeing data combinations and research surges forward with consented cohorts of rich data. 



Me2Be solutions give retail and ecommerce the competitive edge with hyper personalisation straight to and from the consumer.



Governments, states and countries can engage with citizens streamlining services for sustainable and prosperous digital societies, that respect individual’s privacy and with the user’s full consent. 

Today you can build trust, create more value and better engagement using’s Private Sharing services.

See the use cases in health, government, finance, and get inspired.