How to share more personal data with greater privacy

See in action

Learn how the app works

Getting started with Consent Access

An overview for developers of how easy it is to use our SDKs and APIs

How to add a new source to your Library

It's incredibly easy to add more content to your Library. Jump into Settings and click 'add another'.

Search everywhere and find anything with

Gather your personal data together in one place - and search it all to find anything you want, instantly, using

How to save a photo

Saving photos is incredibly straight forward. On iOS or Android just swipe to the right and on desktop just click the the ...

Got a little more time?

Watch Julian explain the vision in more detail using playing cards.


The first in a series of videos exploring and explaining the technologies and how they function. 

3 Core Principles and Architecture

Welcome back to the Technical Briefing series. Presented by Gavin Ray,'s CTO.

Demo Session: IOW Federation technical present the latest product announcements, demonstrating Consent Access and the private sharing of personal data.

What is GDPR? - BBC Click

Click explains the new GDPR data privacy laws that will change how people use the internet and social media, from May 2018 businesses will have to be far more accountable with what they do with personal data.