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Digi.me’s technology lets you securely share data with another app or website. You consent and can view the data to be shared and the right to be forgotten is provided.



Social Analytics app that analyses your posts and produces daily and weekly posting insights.



A health app that allows you to view health data such as hospital visits, medications, allergies, admissions, vaccinations, diagnosis and conditions.



Personal finance manager that gathers data from all your accounts and categorises expenses.



An app that allows you to save images from social media accounts to your your phone.


Private Digital Surveys

 Allows companies to publish surveys which users can opt into taking for rewards. User data is anonymised and surveys are answered automatically based on the data shared.


Retina Risk

Diabetes condition manager helps identify your risk for sight-threatening retinopathy. Track and monitor your disease progression and gain insight into your condition.



Monitor your child’s muscular dystrophy. Helps families to monitor their child’s disease progress. Provides key health insights in easy to view graphs. Monitors fitness, body growth and other key data. Data is shared privately via the digi.me platform.

Coming Soon


Keeps you updated on what vaccinations you need to travel to different countries based on your health records.


Dating app based on people’s finances and spending habits. Would you date someone who shared favourite brands like IKEA, Iceland Air, Amazon, Crunch Fitness or KFC?

Health Data Exchange

Enables researchers to access single source primary medical and lifestyle data from different countries across the world.

Concepts in creation


Identity scoring and verification using various data sources such as social networks, financial and health records.


An application to match people with life threatening conditions to studies they may be able to participate in.

Social Justice

A fun way to settle petty grievances using a jury of social media peers.


A peer-to-peer platform that connects borrowers and lenders and takes away banking fees.

Zen Routes

Destress your commute based on your mood of the day and dynamic transport information, choose a personalised route to work.


A fitness app for those with limiting illnesses. Activate suggests activities based on your medical conditions, current weight, baseline heart rate, age and health.

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