Pricing and revenue sharing program is always free to users

It’s also free for companies and apps to give users a copy of their data, and for users to share their data with other users makes money from “data delivery fees,” which are small transaction fees when a company or app gets data from a user

Standard data delivery fees are US$0.10 per data transaction, with a maximum of $3.00 per individual, per service/app/company, per year

25K free transactions per month, per app for first 24 months if you sign up NOW. Use ‘em or lose ‘em. If this doesn’t fit your model give us a call 

Pricing is designed to be affordable and predictable to encourage regular sharing of data – your costs should be negligible given the value of the data to your business

If you’re interested in revenue sharing, please get in touch

Contact us for pricing or to set up a revenue sharing plan