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Build a new app

 Differentiate your trustworthiness by agreeing to new user-centric rules for data

 Leapfrog competitors when users grant access to thousands of fields of accurate, normalized data

 Access and process data securely on device or during a session to avoid risks and costs of storing raw sensitive data

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Integrate with your app

 Supercharge your app with more data from your customers

 Increase personalization, convenience and data-driven processing

 Enhance privacy and security

 Comply with GDPR data portability and consent requirements

Make your data available in our data catalogue

 Join our network of over 15,000 sources of data

 Any type of personal data that is unique to an individual user is eligible

 Simple guidelines and specs make it easy to get up and running

 Expert support and data normalization available

Join our “personal analytics” program for data scientists

 Put your data science chops to work analyzing the most robust user data ever made available using’s Consent Access APIs and SDK

 Get clean, permissioned access from users to tons of rich, normalized data

 User for your own internal analytics – or to provide insights back to users will feature certain insights inside the app

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